Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Rebelution is a rebellion against the ordinary expectations of our teenage society. It is a revolution to change the way teens are viewed. It is a battle cry against low expectations. The media and today's culture tell us that teenagers don't need to be responsible, but can simply have fun. The Rebelution encourages teens to be set apart and make a difference in our generation by raising the standard. The battle cry of the Rebelution is "do hard things". It doesn't say do the easiest or simplest things. It says "do hard things". Character, competence, and collaboration are the three fundamental qualities for starting the Rebelution. We cannot just ignore our culture, we must create a counter-culture by networking,exhorting, and encouraging each other.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Emily,
It's Mariana from church.
How are you??
I had soo much fun with you at camp.
I was just reading your blog and i really like it! You have some very great thoughts on here. Especially this Rebelution thing. It's something that is greatly needed in today's society and it's awesome to know there are many teens out there that believe it too and are willing to work together to bring a change in the world.
Anyway, I also read about the Brio Girl thing. Congrats! I love that magazine and I enjoy reading about the finalists. I'll look for you in it! =]
well, I'll see you later in church!