Pick Your Portion

Pick Your Portion is an effort in sitting at the Lord's feet, listening to his teaching. The whole goal is to provide a pause among the everyday fragments of life, reminding ourselves and others to stop and long for God's voice as it echoes all around.

The Exact Next Thing - Galatians 6

Standing Side-By-Side - James 2

To Love, Be Loved - 1 John 4

Now I'm a Warrior - 2 Thessalonians 2

Time for the Woman to Stand Up - Hebrews 6

Leading & Loving It

Leading and Loving It is a ministry dedicated to equipping, connecting, and impacting pastors’ wives and women in ministry. We hope to encourage healthy women and therefore healthy marriages, healthy families, and healthy ministries.

Callings & Job Descriptions 

Guest Posts

Andrea Stephens Ministries - "The Greatest (Almost) Fairytale Ever Told"

Sisterhood Magazine - Boys Are Like Pancakes

Innovation Ocala Magazine

Innovation Ocala Magazine serves as the hub for innovation in Ocala, Florida. A publication from Best Version Media, Innovation Ocala highlights local entrepreneurs and start-ups in Marion County. From its inaugural issue in November 2012 to May 2013, I served as Innovation Ocala Magazine's Content Coordinator.

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