Saturday, July 14, 2007

On the Road Again

Today we traveled through back country roads to Crested Butte, Colorado. The scenery was absolutely gorgeous! We drove with the windows down and Rascal Flatts playing. It was very relaxing. We stopped on the side of the road by a river and read our devotions for a while. Now we are in Crested Butte soaking up the sunshine!


allie said...

sounds like you are having lots of fun on your trip! it looks like it's absolutely beautiful out there. you'll have to tell me all about the trip when we come visit you!!!

p.s. i think we're going to stay for High School Musical 2!!!

love ya chicky,
allie :]

Anonymous said...

Wow! I actually found your blog. It took a while and Im not sure why, Guess I was not looking that hard. LOL. Anyways, You look like you are having a blast on your vacation! Im so happy for you! You even went and visited Whit's End that is sooooo AWESOME! Well, You have a great time and download some more photes. Can't wait to see you. o yeah tomorrow like a bunch of teens are going to help out in the food pantry so I hope they all show up. Oh yeah SLU is next week for me and Im kinda excited to see how it all turns out. See you soon. Have a great time. O yeah when you eat icecream or anything that is high in calories Think of me... Just kidding. say hi to the fam.
--Stephy U.