Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Movie Night!

On Sunday night we had about 20 of our friends over for a movie night! We had a blast as you can probably tell! I am looking forward to more movie nights in the future with my new friends in Ocala! But I love what my Daddy wrote on his blog....check it out:

Last night we had 20 of Ocala's best in our home . Linda and I LOVE having you all hang out at our house . . . next time Linda will cook & soon we will no longer "pretend" to be in the "pool" . . .we will be in the pool! The guys who were sitting outside watching the movie & the sprinkler system came on ~ oops! Here's a thought . . .maybe God new you needed to "cool down" with all the good looking girls in your sights!


Anonymous said...

Hey Emily~ I agree I am so excited to have many more movie nights! It was sooooo much fun. Dad said it best when he said that God knew all of the guys needed a "cool down"!!! Love ya,
Your Peculiar Treasure,

Hey to you.... bum, bum bum. lol

Holly said...

Look like a fun night! Which film did you watch? :)
Poor guys getting surprised by the sprinkler though, I bet they ran inside faster! :P

Shannon said...

I'm so glad to see that you have so many new friends in your new town! Looks like you had fun :)

alyssa said...

it was amazing!!! lets do it again sometime i was so cozyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!