Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The downside to Twitter...and probably why I like it so much.

Most people that know me pretty well would tell you that I LOVE Twitter. I'm not even exaggerating. I've been told to stop tweeting (which is why I take breaks from time to time!). But, I just love it. If I had to choose one social networking site, it would be Twitter, hands-down. Twitter keeps me updated on what's going on with my favorite teams, news on campus, deals at Starbucks, social causes around the world, and throws some major, life-altering truths my way.

That is what I LOVE about Twitter. I learn and engage in some really good stuff.

But sometimes, that's a downside too.

I read awesome quotes & immediately hit "Retweet" without first pausing & allowing it to sink in and change me. I treat it like a "pin" on Pinterest....pinning the things I like without really diving into them (one of these days I will make all of the recipes I've pinned & actually do the DIY projects I of these days!).

It's easy to portray on Twitter who I want to be & what I want the world to think is going on inside of me. It's not always easy to stay true to being authentic--to the girl who's becoming me.

My big brother, Latham, (OK, I adopted him, but he's an amazing rapper...check out one of his recent rhymes here.) said something that really hit me & defined what I've done a lot with my life:
"A big smile confuses them all."
Ouch. It's easy to make people think everything's alright...that you have everything together...that you are so good & great. But really, it's just a facade. I'm not saying that everything on Twitter is fake. Here me on this: I'm saying that I've found it's really easy to hide behind what I desperately want my life to be saying, rather than authentically being real with who I am.

Am I leaving Twitter? Um, NO! But I am going to allow things to sink in before I tweet them. I want to become the woman God created me to be and actually have the things I'm learning & tweeting BE who I'm becoming.

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