Monday, April 2, 2012

friends are like chocolate

Last night I learned something pretty cool & so entirely true: friends are like chocolate--you can never have too many & they're food for the soul.

I'm learning that relationships are an extremely important part of important that we were designed
to do life with other people.

We are better together.
Life is sweeter together.
We need each other.

ReFRESH: Chocolate-Covered Conversations at Church of Hope was an absolute blast filled with loads of chocolate, fresh flowers, lots of laughter, the rekindling of many friendships as well as the budding of new ones.

Life surely is sweeter together.

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MelissaLynne2001 said...

Nice picture of you. Very pretty. Nicely written. I love it. And I agree. Never can have too many friends. I love meeting new people and especially ones who are Christians too. :) Even though i'm far away, hope we can become friends.

Hope you and your family had a great and blessed Easter.