Monday, May 21, 2007

Love is a Beautiful Thing

Love is a beautiful thing
It brings together people
Of every generation

Love can heal the pain
Of a broken world
It's got to start with us
And all it takes is love

Love is a beautiful thing, y'all
Love is beautiful

Well I've got make it clear
Love's the reason we are here
We're the object of affection from a God who holds us dear
And everywhere we go and everything that we do
Every time that we love, it's a reflection of you.

These powerful words come from Group 1 Crew's song Love is a Beautiful Thing and they are absolutely true. Love can change the world that we live in, but like the song says it has to start with us. Simple acts of kindness can brighten some one's day tremendously. We should be so filled with the love of God that it overflows onto those around us. How will you LOVE today?


Anonymous said...


Hey from Lynchburg - I miss you! A few more years and watch out Liberty here EMily comes!

Your blog is so true . . . I get to see you everyday living out this principle . . .you are always loving people ~ including me. Cool!

Love is a beautiful thing . . and loving you is one of the highlights of my life.

I love you,


Allie said...

This song is pretty cool! I got to see them in concert at alive and I remember thinking the lyrics sounded familiar and now I know why!! They are an amazing group that truly loves God.

can't wait to see you chicky!!

best friends for life,
Allie :]