Monday, June 25, 2007


There is just something about pouring out my heart on a piece of paper. Once I start writing I just can't stop! Journaling is such a great tool for growing in your relationship with Jesus Christ. Through journaling you can write your dreams, fears, failures, victories, and praises to God. My favorite thing about journaling is that you can look back at your old journals and see where God has taken you. You see how you have grown throughout your walk with Christ. A journal is between you and God, so you don't need to worry about grammar and punctuation. Just be you. Pour out your soul to Jesus. You will see that He is you very best friend!


Andrea Stephens said...

You are right--journaling is an awesome experience to pray, get out pent up feelings and more. Hey, your beautiful face is in the dark on your homepage!

Andrea said...

Emily, I had just been emailing Amy Gilbaugh, the Brio Girl. I can't believe I called you Amy in my first email. So sorry!

Anonymous said...

Miss Andrea,

Thanks for checking out my blog! I greatly admire Amy, so it isn't a big deal!!!

Emily Cummins