Tuesday, June 26, 2007


What makes a good friend? How can I be a good friend to others? Here are some practical tips...

What to Look for in a Friend (And what to be!):

Fun loving: A friend should love to have fun! Go to the movies, have a sleepover, or go to your small group together. Have fun making memories!

Respectful of adults: A true friend will respect those in authority over her. She will not disrespect them to their face or when they aren’t in the room.

Inspire others to do right: She sets the example. She will never encourage others to do wrong. She first does right and then encourages her friends to follow.

Encourage others in their faith: She will encourage others to go to church, read their Bible, and talk to God. She won’t discourage her friends from going to church or growing in their faith.

Nice to everyone: A true friend treats everyone with kindness. She doesn’t show favoritism. She makes everyone feel loved.

Dedicated to Jesus Christ: A friend is first and foremost dedicated to Jesus Christ. She will put Him first. She will spend time with Him before she spends time with her friends.

Servant leader: She is a servant leader. She puts her friends first. She leads her friends by example. She makes wise choices for the benefit of the entire group.

Don't know anyone like this? You start the trend...you will see that others will definitely catch on!

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