Saturday, November 3, 2007

High School Musical Madness!

Have you seen the Disney channel original movies High School Musical 1 & 2? The first movie swept across America as millions of kids and teens watched the lovable characters cheer Troy and Gabriella on to soar with their dreams. The High School Musical CD was one of the most popular Cd's in 2006. I am sure the album for the sequel will be just as popular!

I think that many of the fans of HSM love the reality in the story. Troy and Gabriella are two teens going through the struggles of high school and there are "Sharpays" in every school--you know the girl who always has to be the star in everything! Although a love story is intertwined throughout the movie, friendship is a huge factor. The Wildcats become closer in both movies as they realize that they are "all in this together". We can take the same mindset. We ARE all in this together. We need to help each other out and realize that nobody is perfect. Troy Bolton may have been the most "popular" jock at East High, but he struggled on the inside with the pressure to impress his dad and fellow teammates. Once we realize that we don't need to "impress" those around us, we can finally discover who we really are. Just as the characters in HSM simply started singing, God has placed a song in our hearts for a reason. In HSM, the singing and dancing numbers were vitally important to the plot of the movie. The song that God has placed in your heart is vitally important to the chapters in your life. Maybe God has given you the gift of caring for little kids. Volunteer in your church's nursery or babysit for a single mom for free! Or maybe you have the gift of working with technology. Volunteer to help with the microphones at church. Whatever your gift or passion is, use it out loud for Jesus!

High School Musical has so many great themes that we can take back into our daily lives. Just remember to getcha head in the game and know that we ARE all in this together!

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