Friday, April 20, 2012


Words have weight and meaning. They hold a sense of strength and dignity, all while possessing the power to tear us apart. In a single word, confidence to last a lifetime can be built. The next word can tear morale down, brick by brick.

Let words guide you, but never define you. I hope the following quotes can offer you as much encouragement, peace, strength and hope today as they did for me. Grace & peace.


MelissaLynne2001 said...

They are great quotes-sayings. I like them. And stuff I need to work on. Thanks for sharing them and also for your blogs. They truly are helpful and inspiring. And I'm sure for alot of people and not just me.

Carli Nicole said...

amazing quotes! I love quotes, and these are definitely some of the best I've seen!!


emilybcummins said...

Thank you for reading, Melissa & Carli!

MelissaLynne2001 said...

You are very welcome.